Bulk Uploading Files into Libraries in SharePoint with PowerShell

The following snippet shows a method of uploading a folder of files on the filesystem into a library in SharePoint. In this case the filesystem folder is presumed to exist in the same location as the PowerShell script, called “SiteAssets”, uploading to a library in the SharePoint subsite called “SiteAssets”.

# Connect to SharePoint Site
$web = get-spweb "https://server/sites/site_collection/subsite"

# loop through all files in the local siteassets subfolder
foreach ( $source_file in $(Get-ChildItem './SiteAssets' | Sort-Object -Property Name) ) {
    if ($source_file.Attributes -match 'Directory') {
        # its a folder - ignore it
    } else {
        $library = $web.GetFolder("SiteAssets")
        $library_files = $library.Files

        $file = Get-ChildItem $source_file.FullName

        $library_files.Add("SiteAssets/" + $source_file.Name,$file.OpenRead(),$true) > $null

# Release resources

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