Deploying Nintex Workflows via PowerShell

One of the more common tasks when working on a large project is to deploy Nintex Workflows via a PowerShell script. It’s not too difficult, because the SharePoint web front ends will have a copy of NWAdmin on them – installed in the 15 hive by Nintex during installation. If you’re not aware of it, NWAdmin is a command line tool that can – drum-roll – deploy workflows (among many other things).

The snippet of code below shows the general pattern I use to deploy many workflows in one go – essentially listing them all out in an arraylist, and then looping through it, calling NWAdmin via Powershell. If nothing else, this is a great example of the horrible syntax PowerShell forces upon you to call command line applications with parameters.

$web = Get-SPWeb "https://server/sites/site_collection/subsite"

$cmd = "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN\NWAdmin.exe"

$workflows = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList

# Fill an array with the worklow names, list names and filenames to process
$workflows.Add(("Process A","List A","process_a.nwf")) > $null
$workflows.Add(("Process B","List B","process_b.nwf")) > $null
$workflows.Add(("Process C","List C","process_c.nwf")) > $null

if (Test-Path($cmd)) {
	Write-Host " - NWAdmin Found" -foregroundcolor green
	$list_workflows_path = Resolve-Path $(".\Workflows\")
	if (Test-Path($list_workflows_path)) {
		foreach ($workflow in $workflows) {

			$workflow_name     = $workflow[0]
			$list_name         = $workflow[1]
			$workflow_filename = $workflow[2]

			$nwf_path = "$list_workflows_path$workflow_filename"

			if (Test-Path($nwf_path)) {
				if ($web.Lists[$list_name]){

					write-host $("Deploying '" + $workflow_name + "' to list '" + $list_name + "'") -foregroundcolor white
					$prm = "-o","DeployWorkflow","-workflowName",$("`"" + $workflow_name + "`""),"-nwfFile",$("`"" + $nwf_path + "`""),"-siteUrl",$("`"" + $web.Url + "`""),"-targetList",$("`"" + $list_name + "`""),"-overwrite"
					& $cmd $prm

				} else {
					Write-Host $("SharePoint List not found [" + $list_name + "]") -foregroundcolor red
			} else {
				write-host $("Workflow File Not Found [" + $nwf_path + "]") -foregroundcolor red
	} else {
		write-host $("Workflows Directory Not Found [" + $list_workflows_path + "]") -foregroundcolor red
	write-host "Complete!" -foregroundcolor green
} else {
	Write-Host " - NWAdmin Not Found" -foregroundcolor red

# release resources

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