A Whole New World

After debating quietly with myself for several months, I have moved the blog to my own platform - my own server - my own world.

A Whole New World

After debating quietly with myself for several months, I have moved the blog to my own platform - my own server - my own world. The new blog came into existence at lunchtime today, and got tinkered with throughout the afternoon and evening.

Over the last few years I have experimented with many of the popular hosted publishing platforms - Wordpress, Medium, SquareSpace, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix - you name it, I've probably tried it, migrated my posts into it, migrated them back out of it, and annoyed anybody that has tried to follow my adventures just a little bit more.

The new blog is running on a virtual server at Digital Ocean, with the domain served by Cloudflare. The server is running an instance of "Ghost" - the modern web publishing platform that caused something of a sensation when it appeared on Kickstarter a few years ago.

Having waved my magic wand to bring the new blog into existence, I had something of a problem on my hands - a wonderful blog, but no content. After a concerted hour of effort with a hilarious hacked contraption that Heath Robinson would have nodded approvingly at, I moved all 4962 posts from Blogger, through Wordpress, and on to Ghost. The process was messy, fragile, and somewhat idiotic, but it seemed to work.

You might have already noticed that photography has returned to my blog. This is another thing that I've been considering for a while. While the photos are only public domain stock photos, they do brighten the place up quite a bit. Without them, my blog had started to look a bit too much like a physics text book for my liking. I imagine physics textbooks can actually trigger post traumatic stress disorder in some people.

Finally, I'm going to get to the elephant in the room - and the thing I've thought longest and hardest about. The new blog has no comments, and no likes. I've read and listened to various opinions about comments over the years - falling on both sides of the ideological divide. Seth Godin (writer of numerous idiotic productivity books) has quite famously never allowed comments on his blog. While on the subject of Seth Godin, if people spent their time doing something instead of reading a book about what they should do, the entire productivity mania that seems to resurrect itself and sweep the internet every so often would die out pretty quickly.

I guess it comes down to one thing - this is my blog - my words. If you would like to pass comment about something I have written, you are more than welcome to do so - just not on the website itself (for the moment). My email address is on the contact page, along with instructions to help me procrastinate with WhatsApp.

Anyway. I've rambled on enough. It's probably time to choose a nice photo to go with this post, publish it, and then put the kettle on.

One more thing (I'll pretend to walk back across the stage, smiling, as Steve Jobs might have done back in the day). The new blog has e-mail subscriptions built-in. I have taken the liberty of transferring over those that had already subscribed to the old blog - so hopefully I'm leaving nobody behind.

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