Boxing Day

Boxing Day

The children woke up on Christmas morning a little after 7am. After past performances, we considered this somewhat of a let-off. I got up with them, and wandered downstairs to make a coffee and wake myself up ahead of the mayhem to come. Within half an hour everybody else had gathered in the lounge for the annual mayhem.

It was a good day. After opening our presents, the in-laws arrived mid morning, and we wandered into town to eat lunch at one of the bigger pubs. We started going out for lunch on Christmas Day several years ago, and thought ourselves tremendously extravagant in doing so – but then after adding up the cost of doing dinner for several families, and the time involved in preparation and washing up, the pub won every time. We now put money aside months in advance.

After dinner we were all stunned by the weather – following weeks of rain, the sun finally made an appearance – so we walked down to the river and stood on the bridge. It was all a little unsettling – normally you would take your life in your hands crossing the bridge, but there were no cars, and very few people on foot. We spent quite some time taking photos, and watching water crash over the nearby wier.

After saying goodbye to family early in the evening we unwrapped this year’s family board game – “7 Wonders”, and sat down to play it together. I somewhat miraculously lucked into the winning strategy during our first run-through of the game, and cantered to a win. I will freely admit to far more luck than judgement.

We were all in bed far earlier than recently – well – all except Miss 19, who I left cuddled with her Mum in the lounge. She’s been struggling quite a bit recently, and I think just needed some quiet time. I have no idea what time they finally got to bed.

Today (Boxing Day) has been altogether more quiet. I was up at a fairly normal time once again, and set about washing up, tidying up, and trying to pull the house back towards normality just a little bit. I might as well not have bothered to be honest – there are boxes everywhere, bags of wrapping everywhere, and piles of things for each child littered throughout the house.

I suppose the strange thing about this Christmas is how it has changed. As the children have grown up, the toys have made way to clothes, makeup, music, books, and jewellery. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Anyway – I promise to write something a little more interesting over the coming days – perhaps an account of the dream I had last night, involving an old friend from the internet who informed me that her entire identity was false, and that her real name was different than anybody knew. I was filling out an insurance form for her at the time – while running around outside in swimming shorts, firing a hose pipe at each other – because of course dreams make sense.

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