Lunchtime is the New Evening

Lunchtime is the New Evening

Lunchtime is the new evening – or at least it seems to be when it comes to me writing blog posts. I guess this is a life-hack of sorts – forcing myself to have a lunch break at work, and emptying my head into the keyboard, instead of trying to find time in the evening to do it. Of course this begs the question “why do it in the first place”, but I think we decided quite some time ago that I write a blog because I do – there is no inspirational or logical reason behind it. I just do.

I wonder – if you asked writers why they write – what they might come back with as answers ? I have sometimes qualified the time I put into blogging as an attempt to keep myself sane. I’m not entirely sure I *would* go mad if I didn’t write, but these words don’t really do any harm, sitting out here on the internet, do they ?

While writing this, I’m watching the clock. I forgot to buy a sandwich from the van at work this morning (we ran out of bread at home), so I’m waiting for the second visit. For some reason the sandwich van we use makes two visits – one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Generally those buying food in the afternoon just go for chocolate and fizzy drinks – unless like me they missed the morning visit. I wonder what will be left on the van to choose from?

It’s raining outside. Again. It’s been raining for about five weeks now – on and off. A gentle mist, just heavy enough to see. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to cycle to work without wearing full waterproofs (not that they are in any way waterproof, but still…).


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