My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy

Did I mention that the record player arrived yesterday? The speakers for it arrived today – I re-arranged the lounge slightly, and wired it up before my other half appeared downstairs. While I was busy helping the kids with something, she took a photo of the record player and posted it to Facebook – “look what I got for Christmas!”.

It was supposed to be for everybody.

The speakers are wonderful – the record player not so much. I’m probably going to have to buy a little graphic equaliser to balance the sound from it – I suppose you get what you pay for when it comes to turntables and styluses.

A little later in the day a second parcel arrived from Amazon – an “Echo Dot”. After dinner this evening I set about figuring it out, and was surprised to discover it was already configured for our house. I don’t know what kind of insane networking lunacy Amazon pull to allow that, but it made my job very straightforward. After a few moments searching the internet, I set it up with the job it will have forever:

“Alexa – set an alarm for 7am every weekday playing the local radio station”

Amazon are crafty – when I bought the Dot, they offered to sell me some lightbulbs that work with it. How lazy can you get – “Alexa – turn the lights off”… I didn’t buy them (mainly because they cost five times as much as a normal lightbulb).

What else has been going on today? Board games. Lots of board games.

I got sucked into playing several rounds of “7 Wonders” earlier – the game I bought the family for Christmas. It’s pretty good – it takes perhaps half an hour to play a game with the five of us. I can see it getting repetitive though – you wouldn’t play it every day.

Late last night I fell down an internet rabbit hole and ended up looking at a board game called “Gloomhaven” – or rather, a YouTube review of it. I really shouldn’t have looked. It costs a fortune, is gigantic, but is widely regarded as one of the best boardgames ever made. Also – if I end up playing boardgames all the time, I’ll never get through the books I’m hoping to read over the coming year.

I filled out a page in the new bullet journal earlier – with a list of all the books I own but have not finished reading. I’ve started a few of them, but there are several I’ve not even opened. I need to knuckle down this year – I’ve been promising myself to read more for the last several years, but something always ends up stomping on my free time (often of my own invention).

The first book on the list is a graphic novel called “This One Summer” – which I could probably read in an afternoon.

Talking of afternoons, some friends are coming over tomorrow to play boardgames with us, to eat rubbish, and to drink too much. You start to see why I never get around to reading anything, don’t you…

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