New Years Eve

New Years Eve

It’s the final day of the year. The final day of the decade. I’m not sure if the sentiment is shared by others, but I can’t help feeling a little bemused by the fuss people make about milestone dates – particularly when the milestones are invented.

The only reason we mark years, months, and days is because somebody thought the sun went round the earth – put up there to amuse us by our creator. Because OF COURSE a supernatural creator figure created us in his own image on this ball of mud, and hung all the dangly lights in the sky around us purely to entertain us. Just like he left stone carvings of bones half-way up cliffs so winter storms would make them fall out, and encourage us to gaze in wonder at the magic of his cleverness.

Yeah. Right. Anyway. Got a bit sidetracked there.

The only reason I can find that we mark the endings of years is because we do. The point at which we mark the year is hilariously arbitrary – given that each continent experiences what we call the seasons at different times than each other.

I wonder how flat-earthers explain the seasons ?


Tonight is the last night of the past decade – also known as Tuesday. Tomorrow is the first day of the next decade – also known as Wednesday. It’s all a bit mad, isn’t it.

This is where I fly in the face of my own pragmatism, and look forward to meeting up with some friends tonight to drink lots, eat lots, laugh lots, and play lots of retro video games. I’m taking the Raspberry Pi with me, loaded with arcade machines from the early 1980s. We are going to laugh as the Space Invaders descend, and Pacman gets chased by ghosts.

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