One More Sleep

One More Sleep

We eventually rolled into bed at about 3am last night. Somehow my other half turned our eldest daughter around, got her talking, and ate an entire box of chocolates with her while watching TV. Sometimes you just go with whatever works.

Today has been all about getting the house somewhere near straight – not helped by our younger daughters not bringing any washing out of their rooms until the 11th hour (they saw things going south with their older sister, and I guess guilt and shame kicked in). We now have perhaps six or eight loads of washing to do – there’s no WAY it’s going to get done in time for tomorrow, so our washing machine will be running as per normal ALL the way through Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Go us.

Why is it you have to threaten teenage girls all the time to get anything done? The other evening I took our middle girl’s phone away at bedtime (you know, so she might sleep), and you would have thought I had become Satan or something.

(An hour passes after I wander into the kitchen to get a drink, and notice Miss 15 hasn’t washed up after herself – she was baking this morning. While doing that I hear silence and realise the washing machine has finished. While refilling it, I notice one of the clothes airers is empty – so go fill it with the clothes that just came from the washing machine. Then I remember I haven’t wrapped my other half’s presents – she is out of the house for a couple of hours…)

Welcome to my life.

I’m now sitting in the junk room with a can of cider from the fridge. I bought a box of 18 cans last week, and have drunk two cans so far – the last few days have just been brutal – no chance to relax – always doing something, going somewhere, or fetching something.

My other half and eldest are getting their nails done. I don’t think they’ve ever had their nails done before, apart from while on holiday. I’m wondering what sort of crazy talons they will return with – and what sort of glittery covering they will choose.

The two younger girls are upstairs somewhere – no doubt either talking to friends on the internet, or watching YouTube (which appears to have replaced television almost entirely for them).

Anyway. I wonder what’s on Netflix – I haven’t binge-watched anything in months.

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