Creating Custom Lists in SharePoint with PowerShell

Shall we start this blog with some simple PowerShell commands? The following snippet creates a Custom List in SharePoint on-prem. Notice that the code checks for the existence of the list before creating it – because typically you will be using this in a larger provisioning script, and it makes sense to let your code run more than once – so as you build a solution, you can just add new elements and run it again.

# Open a connection to a SharePoint site
$web = Get-SPWeb "https://server/sites/sitecollection/subsite"

# set the internal and display names of the list
$list_internal_name = "audittrail"
$list_display_name = "Audit Trail"

if ($web.Lists[$list_display_name]) {

   # if the list exists, get it
   $list = $web.Lists[$list_display_name]

} else {

   # if the list does not exist, create it
   $web.Lists.Add($list_internal_name, "", "GenericList") > $null
   $list = $web.Lists[$list_internal_name]
   $list.Title = $list_display_name
   $list.ContentTypesEnabled = $true
   $list.EnableVersioning = $true
   $list.NavigateForFormsPages = $false
   $list.Update() > $null


# Release resources

Notice that I’m enabling versioning and content types on the list – because typically you would be setting up fields on the list next, and you should always really do that via site content types, and add them to the list.

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