Trapped in the Walled Garden

This evening I have been quietly working out what it would cost to leave the WordPress walled garden, and go it alone – host my own instance on some webspace somewhere else. The attraction of a hosted blog is of course that everything is done for you – the domain name, the storage, the web […]

The Return of Blogging

Do you ever have the sense that something around you is different – that something has changed? Over the last few days I have become increasingly aware that something is going on – that a cog somewhere in the machine that surrounds us has turned. I keep hearing whispers and murmurings that “blogging” is making […]

Ignoring Hints from the Universe

I should really be taking the hint from the universe about attempting to complete NaNoWriMo this year. Life and work seem to be conspiring to warn me off it before it even starts. Take this evening for instance – I’ve only just sat down at the computer in the study to write anything, and it’s […]


It’s almost half past seven in the evening, dinner is finished, the washing up is done, the kitchen is clean, the washing machine is on, and I’m in the dark of the study tapping away at the keyboard while the Spotify “Favourite Coffee House” playlist fills the room. Miss thirteen didn’t go to football practice […]

Finding a Reason

My writing used to be so much better than it is now. Well crafted posts. Explorations of thoughts and experiences, wrapped in a literary style that I’ve lost somewhere along the way. Perhaps it is time to reclaim some of it. The ability must be lurking somewhere in the depths of my head – no […]