The Dying of the Light

After a day spent fighting virtual fires within the software leviathan I have been constructing for the last six months, I’m now sitting in the garden, slowly feeding kindling into a chiminea, gazing into altogether more real flickering flames. There’s something about tending an open fire. I’m not sure if it’s the smell of wood […]


I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for the last hour, wondering what I might write about, and vanishing down any number of internet rabbit holes while avoiding writing “I have nothing to write about today”. I’m tired. I need to sleep. I will be back. Promise.

Bank Holiday Monday

Today is a bank holiday in the UK. I’ve been up since 8am, and haven’t really got anything done. Sure, I fed the animals, and let the chicken out (we’re looking after it for the local infant school), but other than that – nothing of consequence. I re-installed the old desktop computer with Ubuntu Linux. […]

Procrastination, Books, and Lazy Sundays

In preparation somewhat for the next few weeks, I made the conscious decision to not do anything today, and you know what? It was really hard. Aside from the usual routine of picking up after the children, repeatedly filling the washing machine, feeding animals, and stopping arguments before they start, I have been quietly reading […]