Two More Sleeps

Two More Sleeps

We finally made it to the cinema this afternoon to watch the final Star Wars movie (except of course it’s NOT the final Star Wars movie, because the Obiwan movie is in production right now). I’m wondering – beyond the Mandalorian TV show – how Disney will milk the franchise until everybody is sick of it? I mean – it’s not like they have turned a huge area of their amusement park into a Star Wars fantasy land for the incredibly wealthy, is it – oh… wait…

I loved the final Star Wars movie, if you’re at all interested. I don’t tend to read “reviews” any more, because they are often being paid to be controversial just to attract attention (or rather, traffic). I’m not going to say anything more than that about it, because I would hate to spoil the story for anybody. I’m not really sure how I made it to today without accidentally reading or seeing a plot spoiler.

It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that I might vanish off the internet for the next couple of days. Our eldest daughter is having a really tough time at the moment, and could do with us being more present than usual. I foresee a few days of bacon for breakfast, walks to Starbucks, and whatever else might lift her spirits.

So. If I don’t write anything in the meantime – have a wonderful Christmas, and I’ll no doubt be here emptying my head in the days afterwards.

p.s. I helped Miss 15 paint a load of her miniature soldiers earlier. I think I’ll like the painting more than the wargaming, but you never know. I need to read the rules first.

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