Professional Summary

In the daytime I am a senior developer at a Microsoft Partner with over 18 years experience in electronic document and records management, business process management, web content management, database design and development, web design and development, and workflow design and development. In recent years I have focussed on Microsoft SharePoint solution design, development and delivery. I am also an experienced business process management and workflow consultant, specialising in a number of industry leading automation technologies, regularly running classes for clients at both power-user and engineering levels.

Away from the office I often work on open source and freelance web development projects, focussing on Linux, and the various leading web content management platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Ghost. I have designed and developed numerous bespoke projects in the past, including web content management systems, blogging platforms, and social networks. Several of my open source projects have been picked up by Linux Distributions, or are in use in large organisations.

Recent Assignments

  • Teaching of master classes on SharePoint best practices, business process management and workflow design and development to a variety of management and technical teams at large organisations.
  • Consultancy on multiple business automation and electronic forms projects for a major European pensions authority, based on SharePoint, Nintex Forms, and Nintex Workflow.
  • Design and development of organisational change management processes for the National Health Service, based on Office 365, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms.
  • Design and development of a wide-ranging Freedom of Information and Feedback Case Management system for use in local government, based on SharePoint, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms.
  • Design, Development, and Implementation of a corporate intranet for a regional health service, using Office 365, EasyShare, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms.
  • Design and development of numerous back office systems for a large property management, development, and regeneration company using SharePoint, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms. Solutions include automated policy management, automated meeting provisioning, and out-of-hours call tracking.
  • Design and development of extensions to SharePoint document disposition functionality for a UK independent parliamentary body, based on SharePoint, Nintex Workflow, and bespoke web interface components.
  • Design and development of automated HR processes for a well known UK charitable trust based on bespoke webservices, SharePoint, Nintex Workflow, and Nintex Forms. The solutions include automated synchrinisation of line-of-business data, automated generation of PDF documents, and numerous reporting mechanisms.
  • Design and development of new product development processes for a worldwide manufacturing and marketing concern based on SharePoint, with significant rich form and report development throughout based on jQuery, XML, and WebServices.
  • Design and development of a rich document approval system for a Nuclear industry partner, based on SharePoint and Nintex Workflow. Solution included automated, secure transmission of documents between sites, and automated approval processes.
  • Design and development of a receipt tracking system for a worldwide concern, based on Microsoft SharePoint, and K2 Blackpearl.
  • Rapid prototyping and proof of concept work for both University and Local Council extranets, based on Microsoft SharePoint and Nintex.
  • Design and development of a Proposal management system for a worldwide concern, based on Microsoft SharePoint and K2 Blackpearl.
  • Design, development, implementation, installation, and support of a public facing student skills tracking system for a major university based on Microsoft SharePoint, with bespoke ASP, HTML, and Javascript interfaces.
  • Long term integration with the development team of a major international insurance broker to both design and deliver a case management system based on Microsoft SharePoint, and to transfer skills, knowledge and expertise to their rapidly growing in-house development team.

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, SharePoint
  • Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist, Web Application Development
  • Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist, Database Design and Development
  • K2 Insider
  • K2 Certified Process Design and Development
  • Kofax Capture Design and Development
  • Kofax Indicius Design and Development
  • Metastorm E-Work Process Design and Development
  • FileNET EProcess Design and Development