If you would like to get in touch with me, email is almost always the most reliable method. Just remember that I'm in the GMT time-zone, so I might be asleep when you send something.

Social Media

You can also find me at all of the usual social networks - feel free to add, follow, friend, subscribe, or whatever you do at each site:

Instant Messaging

Finally, you can also find me on the following instant messaging services :

  • Google Hangouts (see email address above)
  • Twitter Messages (see link to Twitter above)
  • Facebook Messenger (see link to Facebook above)
  • Instagram Messages (see link to Instagram above)
  • WhatsApp (email for my phone number)
  • Telegram (email for my phone number)
  • jonbeckett @ KIK
  • jonbeckett401 @ SnapChat

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